Whew!!!  I never thought that I could hibernate that long.  The last time that I made a post on this blog was back in April.  Almost six months of neglecting my personal blog.  What a shame.

Well, I’m happy to inform my beloved readers that I am really back!  And back with better stuff.

This time, I will not only post photos that I shot but also some things that make me interested.

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Whew!  How time pass so quickly! The last post I made was end of March. I have to put more effort to this blog and I’ll do my best to update it more often.

Anyway, the picture you see in this post is about a fox.  According to Wikipedia, there are roughly 27 species of fox.  And she’s one of them.  Why I know she’s a she?  I saw her taking a pee, but unfortunately i run out of memory space to shoot it. 😦



The picture was taken more than an hour ago over Basrah Airport in Iraq. 

Let me know what ya think!  🙂 


I was in a shopping mall when I took this shot.  It’s a window display and if you notice I was in there hehehe.  🙂  Just havin’ fun……..


Another night shot again! 🙂

Didn’t use Tripod with this one, let me take another shot with Tripod and let’s compare it.


Oh well, this is my first flower shot….more to come soon!


This is not in Pasig River.  🙂  The dirt that you see floating and near the Propeller are what you called “Kubz”, bread in Arabic.  I don’t know if these Kubz were thrown by the fishermen intentionally for the birds or they’re just fed up of eating these stuff.  🙂